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Micro Tradecraft Toolset

Micro Tradecraft Toolset

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The Micro Tradecraft Toolset is ultra-concealable and reminiscent of the covert devices used by America’s WWII intelligence agency. This toolset measures only 2.25” long and features five effective entry/escape tools.


  • Ultra-Concealable Toolset
  • Fits Perfectly in the Change Pocket on Jeans
  • Tools Include City Rake, Triple Rake, Long Reach Hook, Zip Tie Defeater, and Tensioner
  • Measures Approximately 2.25” Long x .5” Wide x .25” Deep
  • Weighs Only .3 Ounces
  • Includes Durable Rubber Half-Cap

More Details

Removing the set from its half-length rubber storage sheath allows for rapid deployment of the tools. Being bound by a rivet enables a quick tool selection, to pair with the included tensioner.

Each Micro Tradecraft Toolset is made from 301 Full Hard Stainless Steel and features a City Rake, Triple Rake, Long Reach Hook, Zip Tie Defeater, and Separate Tensioner.

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