Lishi 2-in-1 Lock Pick

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  • These Lishi Picks work for KW1/SC1 household locks. For Master-style padlocks, check out the Lishi 2-in-1 Padlock Pick.

    • Greatly Reduces Picking Time!

    • Allows Picking and Decoding Simultaneously

    • Available for SC1 (Schlage 5-Pin) or KW1 (Kwikset 5-Pin)
    • Measures: 4.5" Long x 1" Wide x .5" Thick
    • Weighs: .9 oz.
  • The Lishi 2-in-1 Lock Pick is the biggest revolution in lock picking we’ve seen in our 12 years in business! It literally enables someone who isn’t familiar with how to pick a standard pin & tumbler lock, to be able to quickly and efficiently open one like magic! It’s not just for beginners though, each tool combines a keyway-specific molded pick channel, along with a single hook-pick lever, tension bar and even a decoding interface.

    By recreating the exact keyway of the lock, the Lishi Pick eliminates the potential for false sets caused by unintentional side-to-side motion common in traditional picking. It also mitigates false sets by reducing the nuance of tensioning a cylinder, requiring only the lightest tension as you probe the pick lever along each channel of the lock.

    This also results in the lock opening much faster than using traditional picks. On some locks, we’ve seen our picking time reduced by up to 90% and we haven’t yet encountered a lock we were unable to open using the Lishi Pick, provided the keyway matched (meaning it was able to be inserted fully into the lock.)

    The Lishi 2-in-1 Lock Pick is available for the SC1 (Schlage 5-Pin) or KW1 (Kwikset 5-Pin) and each includes a clear heavy-duty polymer storage case and a hex key to tighten the set screw holding the tension bar, if it should ever become loose.

    The ITS Modular Practice Lock is the perfect accessory to add with the SC1 (5-Pin) keyway, by simply removing the back (6th) pin from the lock.

    Please Note: The Modular Practice Lock keyway is only compatible with the SC1 version of the Lishi Pick. Additionally, Smart Key or self-rekeying locks are not compatible with the Lishi Picks.