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Lishi 2-in-1 Lock Pick Tool

Lishi 2-in-1 Lock Pick Tool

  • Bundle & Save $$$ - Buy Any Two or More Lishi Picks - ONLY $44.99 Each!
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The Lishi 2-in-1 Lock Pick Tools are the biggest revolution in lock picking that we’ve seen in our 15 years in the business. The simple and compact design makes them perfect for both beginners and professionals. Each tool features a keyway-specific molded pick channel, combined with a single-hook pick lever, tension bar and a decoding interface.

Equipping yourself with all three models of the Lishi Pick ensures you’ll have the tools needed to tackle the most common locks encountered in the field. Plus, take advantage of our special offer: Buy any two or more Lishi Picks for just $44.99 each! (Discount applied automatically in the cart at checkout.) That’s any two for $89.98 or all three styles of Lishi Picks for ONLY $134.97!

Lishi Quick Reference Guide

Lishi Picks are keyway specific, meaning they will only work with the lock keyways they’re designed for. Below we’ve listed the types of Lishi Picks we carry and the keyways/locks they’re designed for.

  • SC1 = Schlage-Style 5-Pin Household Door Lock
  • KW1 = Kwikset-Style 5-Pin Household Door Lock
  • M1 = Master-Style 3/4-Pin Padlock

*The SC1 and KW1 combo together, will open 99% of household door locks.*


  • Precision Engineering: Keyway-Specific Molded Pick Channel Reduces False Sets
  • Time Efficiency: Dramatically Reduces Picking Time (Up to 90% in Some Cases)
  • Dual Functionality: Pin Height Chart on Pick Body Allows Simultaneous Decoding
  • Compatibility: Available for SC1 (Schlage 5-Pin), KW1 (Kwikset 5-Pin) and M1/MS2 (Master) Keyways.
  • Compact and Lightweight: Each Pick Measures Approximately 4.5" Long x 1" Wide x .5" Thick and Weighs just .9 oz.
  • Please see image for how to identify which keyway you have.
  • Not Compatible with SmartKey or Other Self-Rekeying Locks (See Image for More Info)

More Details

Innovative Design for Unmatched Performance

The unique design of the Lishi 2-in-1 Lock Pick Tool eliminates common issues like false sets from unintentional movement, thanks to their exact recreation of the lock's keyway. This, combined with the innovative tension bar, means locks open faster and with less hassle. Even challenging padlock internal components are no match for the precision of Lishi Picks.

Special Notes and Quality Assurance

Each tool includes a clear heavy-duty polymer storage case for protection and portability. Every Lishi tool is thoroughly inspected to guarantee proper operation and functionality before it leaves our warehouse. Due to our commitment to quality, we are unable to accept returns on tools that have been damaged.

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How to Pick a Lock

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