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While supplies last, you can get a FREE SPIE Pouch when you purchase the SPIE Kit for ONLY $29.99! There are no coupons required, but you MUST ADD BOTH the SPIE Kit and SPIE Pouch to your cart and you'll see the discount automatically at checkout.

The SPIE® (Special Purpose Insertion Extraction) Kit is our solution for the tools needed during an Escape and Evasion (E&E) or a Home Invasion Scenario to escape from illegal restraint. It includes 13 tools that enable you to pick and bypass locks, defeat illegal restraint and even navigate your way home.


  • Contains Tools Needed to Escape Illegal Restraint
  • (1) Plastic Carrying Case w/ Lid
  • (1) SPIE® Kit Adhesive Label
  • (1) Mints Internal Insert
  • (1) Titanium 2-Piece Concealment Toolset
  • (1) FRS (Folding Saw)
  • (1) Diamond Wire
  • (1) Handcuff Shim
  • (1) Padlock Bypass Tool
  • (1) Combo Lock Bypass Tool
  • (1) ITS Polymer Handcuff Key
  • (1) Ceramic Tool
  • (6) Feet of ITS Escape Cordage
  • (6) Feet of Stainless-Steel Coated Leader Wire
  • (1) Button Compass – Grade AA

More Details

While we carry other small entry tools that can be stored covertly, the SPIE® Kit is purpose-built to be carried overtly in a pocket and hide in plain sight, just as the most popular breath mints would.

Escaping illegal restraint is heavily advocated here at ITS Tactical and as long as Zip Ties and Handcuffs can be purchased by anyone off-the-shelf from Army-Navy stores or a host of resources online, the prepared citizen needs to have access to these tools to escape potential illegal restraint.

This kit was not designed to thwart Law Enforcement or endanger those protecting our streets daily.

SPIE® (Special Purpose Insertion Extraction) is our registered trademark for our line of tradecraft tools and accessories that we have available in the ITS Store.

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How to Pick a Lock

Want to learn more about lock picking? Check out our article to learn the basics.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 60 reviews

Best breath mints money can buy


Best breath mints money can buy

Brandon C.

I really liked the ability to remove everything from sealed kit and I bought the pouch that goes with it. The pouch keeps everything organized but accessible. It’s a very compact kit so it’s easily concealed added to a belt, pack ect. Strongly advised for travelers or females and edc.


I love this company and it’s products


Cool for beginners and it’s a great kit to have in case of a zombie apocalypse and you need to get into somewhere or something. Haha honestly it’s a great trade to learn. Thanks

Paul M.

Fun kit, almost everything you need in a package that fits in any pocket and weighs nothing!!