ITS Lock Picking Starter Pack

    • Everything You Need to Learn the Basics of Lock Picking
    • (1) ITS Modular Practice Lock (Standard & Security Pins)
    • (1) Rake Pick (Stainless Steel)
    • (1) Hook Pick (Stainless Steel)
    • (2) Textured PVC Pick Handles for Added Comfort
    • (1) Tension Wrench (Stainless Steel)
    • (1) Easy Pickings Training Manual (Physical Booklet)
    • (1) Universal Lock Pick Practice Station
  • Want to learn the basics of lock picking? The ITS Lock Picking Starter Pack has all the tools and training information you’ll need.

    Lock picking doesn’t have to be an intimidating skill to learn. Not only can you save money on a locksmith, but learning how to pick a lock offers a unique look at how secure your existing locks are. You’ll learn everything from single-pin-picking, to raking a pin & tumbler lock.

    Also included with each Starter Pack is out Universal Lock Pick Practice Station, which allows you to practice on the go and set up virtually anywhere! Included with each station is a two-piece universal lock vise that clamps down to most desks or table edges up to 2.5" in height. It can be mounted either on the side of an edge, or on the top of an edge with the newly added dual-mounting holes. These mounting methods allow a temporary, but sturdy installation of the vise to hold many lock cylinders and padlocks. The adjustable lock section can hold padlocks or lock cylinders up to 1.25" in height and 2" in width.

    For more information on how to remove or reconfigure the ITS Modular Practice Lock pins, click here.