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ITS Skeleton Key (2-Pack)

ITS Skeleton Key (2-Pack)

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ITS Polymer Handcuff Keys are completely non-magnetic and precision molded from durable polymer nylon. Each key is universal and designed to open single and double locked “swinging bow ratchet - type” adjustable handcuffs.


  • Non-Magnetic and Precision-Molded Handcuff Keys
  • Available in a Set of Two
  • Length: 7/8"
  • Width: 3/8” at Widset Point
  • Thickness: 1/8"
  • Weight: .02 oz. for Single Key
  • Opens Single and Double Locked Swinging Bow Ratchet-Type Adjustable Handcuffs
  • Strong enough to open some, but not all models of Peerless Handcuffs

More Details

The small footprint of these keys means that they can easily be concealed on your person in multiple locations to utilize in the event of a home invasion or illegal restraint scenario. ITS Polymer Handcuff Keys are strong enough to open some, but not all Peerless Handcuffs. These are also emergency-use keys and while durable, may not hold up to the repeated abuse of daily operation.

Law Enforcement Grade Handcuffs are easily obtainable by anyone with a credit card and Internet connection and have been used in home invasions to subdue victims. These keys are just one way to ensure that you’ll always have an escape method from illegal restraint.

By utilizing the small cutouts of the eyes and nose in our logo, you can easily secure them to various places on your person or where you might need them. Once inserted into the handcuff keyway, the logo design of the key body provides an edged purchase that aids in turning the key with fingertips and minimal rotation.

These keys are not intended to assist in escape from Law Enforcement and proper LE cuffing techniques are not easily bypassed in the first place. Please be aware of your local laws in owning and carrying handcuff keys.

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