ITS First Strike Bypass Bundle

    • Can Save Valuable Time Over Picking
    • 4-Pin Comb Pick Known to Bypass: Master 40mm (Solid Body) Padlocks and Some Clones (M140, M141)
    • 5 Pin Comb Pick Known to Bypass: Master 50mm & 60mm (Solid Body) Padlocks, Some Abus Padlocks and Some Clones (M150, M160, Abus 55/60)
    • 6-Pin Comb Pick Known to Bypass: Master 6-Pin Puck Locks and Trailer Hitch Locks (A2000, A2001, 6271), American Series 748 and Locks Using  American 2001 Series Cylinders
    • Includes 4-Pin, 5-Pin & 6-Pin Comb Picks
    • Includes Padlock Bypass Pick
    • Includes Combo Lock Bypass Pick
    • Includes Compact Credit-Card Sized Shove Tool
    • Includes 9-Pocket ITS Logo Vinyl Sleeve
  • The ITS First-Strike Bypass Bundle™ offers the perfect compliment of comb picks and tryout tools to potentially bypass a lock and save valuable time in an emergency, negating the need for lock picking.

    As a bonus, the bundle also includes a 3-piece set of Covert Jiggler Keys. This smaller-footprint set includes the three most commonly used auto keys.

    The ITS First-Strike Bypass Bundle™ includes three Comb Picks, a Long-Handled Padlock Bypass Tool, a Combo Lock Bypass Tool and a Compact Credit-Card Sized Shove Tool, stored in our durable 9-Pocket ITS Logo Vinyl Sleeve.

    Comb Picks work by pushing up the entire pin-stack above the shear line on keyways with oversized pin-stack channels, enabling the cylinder to turn just as fast as using a key. Comb Picks are a great first strike on padlocks, puck locks and trailer hitch locks. A list of known locks these bypass is listed below.

    If you suspect a cheaper padlock, the long-handled version of our proven Padlock Bypass Tool can be a better first option. It reaches through the keyway, bypassing the locking mechanism and opening the lock. Additionally, for Master 175/178 style combination locks, the Combo Lock Bypass Tool fits into the gap between the wheel and housing of the lock, bypassing the combination completely and lifting the bar holding the locking shackle.

    When confronting interior or exterior doors, our Compact Shove Tool is a smaller version of what many Firefighters carry for bypass, much like the old “credit card in the door” trick. It can also be maneuvered along the edge of a door to help find hidden locking mechanisms, or used to open exposed latch locks commonly found on security gates. You can even give this process a shot blind, by tying cordage through the ITS Logo Lanyard Hole and going “fishing” with the deep cut hook.