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ITS Lock Picking 101 Kit

ITS Lock Picking 101 Kit

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Want to learn the basics of lock picking? The 15-Piece ITS Lock Picking 101 Kit contains everything you need! With a full-sized pick set and full-featured practice lock, this kit will have you picking standard household locks in minutes.

Lock picking doesn’t have to be an intimidating skill to learn. Not only can you save money on a locksmith, but learning how to pick a lock offers a unique look at how secure your existing locks are. With this kit, you can practice everything from single-pin-picking, to raking a pin & tumbler lock.


  • Everything You Need To Pick A Standard Household Lock.
  • Includes (1) Modular Practice Lock
  • Includes (1) Stainless Steel Hook Pick
  • Includes (1) Stainless Steel S-Rake Pick
  • Includes (1) Stainless Steel Tension Wrench
  • Includes (2) Textured PVC Pick Handles for Added Comfort
  • Includes (2) Keys (One Keyed & One Blank)
  • Includes (1) Allen Wrench for Changing Pins

More Details

Our Modular Lock features cutaway channels that allow visibility of each pin stack as you pick it and the ability to remove or reconfigure any number of the six-pin stacks with the included Allen Wrench. Simply unscrew the top of a channel and dump out the spring, driver pin, and key pin. Each pin stack you remove from a channel makes the lock that much easier to pick.

Two keys are included: one to unlock the 6-Pin practice lock, as well as one blank key that shows you an inverse of the key profile when inserted.

Purchase multiple Modular Practice Locks to create your own progressive lock pick set! Have a practice lock dedicated to 1 pin, 2 pins, 3 pins, and so on. These are truly the most modular locks you’ll come across!

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How to Pick a Lock

Want to learn more about lock picking? Check out our article to learn the basics.

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