Bogota Pi® Entry Toolset

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The Bogota Pi® Entry Toolset is made from either durable Stainless Steel or aircraft-grade Titanium and measures approximately 3.14159265359 inches long. Each set includes a Hook, Double, Triple and Quad Bogota® Rake as well as a flat double-sided Tensioner. Also included is an ITS Logo Vinyl Sleeve featuring four pockets for tools and tensioners on one side and a pocket for credit cards or business cards on the opposite side. When in the Vinyl Sleeve, the entire set fits nicely in most wallets.

Stainless steel provides a corrosion-resistant option to counter sweat and those using the tools in a maritime environment. This stainless option also provides hygienic properties, long term durability and inherent strength.

Aircraft-grade Titanium is as strong as it gets and there’s a reason it’s used in the aerospace industry. Titanium is extremely corrosion resistant, lightweight and non-magnetic but can still bend if man-handled.

Made in the USA