SST (Sterile Storage Tube)

    • Sterile Option for Storing E&E Components
    • No Branding or Printing
    • Includes Mini GITD Compass Installed in Lid
    • Measures 2.625” Long x .625” Wide
    • Weighs: .1 oz
  • As requested by our SPIE® Stick end users, we’re now carrying a low-vis option for storing your SPIE® Stick Components. The SST (Sterile Storage Tube) may look like a plain lip balm tube, but we’ve included our Mini GITD Compass installed in the lid to provide a seamless changeover when needed.

    With the same dimensions as the standard SPIE® Stick, the SST has no branding or markings and comes in Black. Each SST contains the same functionality as our original SPIE® Stick tube; to twist and rotate your tools up for deployment.

    Please Note: SST does not come with the SPIE® Stick or its components, just the aforementioned Mini GITD Compass in the lid.