ITS Prevail Challenge Coin (Midnight Edition)

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  • The ITS Prevail Challenge Coin (Midnight Edition) fits perfectly in your pocket and holds true to our motto, “Prevail,” reminding you that preparedness empowers you to prevail over the unexpected.

    Each solid 1.75” diameter coin features an ITS Logo on one side and our popular Uncle Sam design on the other, both in a Black Nickel finish. It also features our company name, the word “Prevail” and 12 stars representing our 12 years in business.

    If you’re curious about the origins of Challenge Coins and the definitive rules surrounding “Coin Checks,” check out our article here.

    Even if you’re not attending any covert meetings, a Challenge Coin is great to have on you if you happen to get coin checked while out and about. You know… so you don’t wind up buying all the beers.

    Due to the mirror-like finish of the Black Nickel, the coin’s surface often reflects the color spectrum that surrounds it, creating a chameleon-esque look. This can be seen in the last photo, where the coin is reflecting the sky.