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ITS Micro Ferro Rod

ITS Micro Ferro Rod

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Fire is essential in a survival scenario and the ITS Micro Ferroceium Rod gives you the ability to throw a spark in virtually any condition. Each rod includes a durable Rubber Grip Handle that ensures a perfect grip when striking.

The ITS Micro Ferroceium Rod offers hundreds of sparks and they’re great for stashing in Emergency Packs or Survival Kits.

Instructions for Use

For best results, you need a sharp edge to strike the Ferro Rod. This can be sometimes be found on the spine of some commercially available knives, but in a pinch you can use the blade of a knife as well.

Using the edge of a knife or other tool, pull the Ferro Rod toward you, keeping the knife/tool steady and close as possible to the tinder you’re trying to light. This will help ensure the sparks are as hot as possible when they reach the tinder.

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