ITS Grey Man PVC Morale Patch

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  • The ITS Grey Man PVC Morale Patch is the indisputable greyest-grey-that-ever-greyed, so you can color match your gear to know you’re blending as much as humanly possible. It’s science, bro.

    In case you’re wondering, this is the definitive color swatch for blending in. Too often, we find ourselves wondering if the gear we’re buying is “grey enough” to disappear among our surroundings and give us a tactical advantage. Look no further!

    Each 3D ITS Grey Man PVC Morale Patch features a nod to when ITS was founded, in April of 2009 (04-2009). They measure approximately 1.5” wide x 2” tall, with a hook backing to attach to loop fields; always ready to blend in.

    ITS Morale Patches are limited-edition, exclusive items. Once our designs are out of stock, they will no longer be available for purchase.