ITS Compact Pace Line

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    • Quickly Determine Your 100 Meter Pace Count
    • Highly Visible Blaze Orange
    • 1.9mm Diameter
    • 200 ft. Long
    • 180 lbs. Tensile Strength
    • Injection-Molded Polymer Spool for Storage and Easy Deployment
    • Weighs 5.4 oz.
    • Made in the USA
  • The ITS Compact Pace Line allows you to determine your 100-meter pace count faster than traditional methods, while taking up almost no space in your bag or pack. Knowing your pace count is essential during land navigation and as you may know from our Land Navigation Starter Pack, Pace Count Beads allow you to track how far you’ve traveled in meters while walking from one point to the next.

    The ITS Compact Pace Line facilitates quick deployment with the included injection-molded polymer spool and the highly-visible Blaze Orange color ensures you’ll never lose track of the line. Additionally, the 200 foot length gives you 18 feet on each end to tie around a lashing point, while still providing you a 50-meter pace line. Above, you’ll find instructions to determine your pace count using the ITS Compact Pace Line.

    The smaller diameter of the ITS Compact Pace Line allows it to be easily deployed within different environments, such as inclines, declines, or rocky terrain. Knowing how your pace count changes in these different environment will improve your land navigation accuracy.

  • When you first receive the ITS Compact Pace Line, measure 18 feet from both ends and mark that measurement with a permanent marker, duct tape or other marking system. Something contrasting with the Blaze Orange will make finding this measurement easier while deploying the pace line.

    When you're ready to measure your pace count, tie the Pace Line around a solid object such as a tree or tent stake and unspool the cordage fully until you reach the other end. Now tie that end of the cordage around another object.

    Starting with both feet together on the first 18 foot mark you made, step off with your left foot and walk the length of the pace line, counting each time your left foot touches the ground (including the first time.) When you reach the other 18 foot mark you made, write that number down in a notebook or other device.

    Now turn around and repeat the process in the other direction. Once you’ve reached the original starting position, note this number and walk the pace line down and back another full time. After you’ve walked four pace line lengths, you should have four numbers written down. Add these numbers together, divide by four and then multiply that number by two for your final 100-meter pace count.