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Emergency Titanium Lock Pick Card

Emergency Titanium Lock Pick Card

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The Emergency Lock Pick Card is credit-card sized and perfect for your wallet or bag. The card provides you with two identical non-magnetic titanium lock pick sets, each containing a Triple Rake Pick, Single Hook Pick and a Tension Tool. Additionally, each card includes an ITS Logo Vinyl Sleeve.


  • Made from Aircraft-Grade Titanium (Non-Magnetic)
  • Picks Easily Pop Out from Card for Use (See Video for Instructions)
  • Each Card Contains Two Pick Sets
  • Each Pick Set Includes 1 Triple Rake Pick, 1 Single Hook Pick and 1 Tension Tool
  • Measures: 3.39” Long (8.6 cm) x 2.2” Wide (5.6 cm) x 0.31” Thick (.8 mm)
  • Weight: .4 oz.

More Details

The Emergency Lock Pick Card is the exact same size and thickness as a standard credit card and will fit perfectly into a card slot in a wallet. The inherently non-magnetic Titanium will not interfere with credit-cards or any scanning equipment designed to detect metal.

Even if you’ve already snapped out a set of emergency lock picks, you’ll still have a spare. To remove the tools, simply grasp the front/top of a tool and pull upward to snap the tool out of the card. (See our video for removal instructions.)

The ITS Logo Vinyl Sleeve is the perfect carrying case for the Emergency Lock Pick Card and can be used in a wallet or on its own.

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