Bogota Entry 2-Piece Toolset

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  • The handcrafted Bogota® Entry Toolset has been used by many locksmiths and covert entry specialists. Due to the highly polished finish, these tools glide through the lock but are NOT for the heavy-handed user. The handle end of each piece doubles as a tension wrench, so you only need to carry these two tools to be prepared to open nearly any pin-tumbler or wafer lock you encounter.

    If you're looking for a more concealable option, check out the Bogota Concealment Toolset 2-Piece!

    These tools are manufactured with aircraft-grade Titanium, which features an inherent lack of a magnetic signature. While you’re not going to feel the difference between a tenth of an ounce in a pocket, there are those that need non-magnetic tools, specifically EOD and those that know who they are.

    While the aircraft-grade Titanium used in the Bogota® Entry Toolsets is as strong as it gets and extremely corrosion resistant, they’ll still bend just like the other versions if man-handled.

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