ACME Slimline Tornado Whistle

    • Durable Pealess Construction
    • Outputs up to 117 Decibels
    • Includes Small Keyring for Retention
    • Measures 2” Long x 3/4” Wide x 3/8” Thick
    • Weighs: .1 oz.
    • Made in the United Kingdom
  • A good emergency whistle is a must-have for any preparedness kit (or pack) and the ACME Slimline Tornado Whistle is one of the best we’ve found on the market.

    This 117 decibel pealess whistle is extremely lightweight and durable, yet it takes up almost no space. It’s the perfect addition for small kits, like our ITS Mini Survival Kit.

    ACME has been producing quality whistles in the United Kingdom since 1870 and the Slimline Tornado is both SOLAS and Mountain Rescue approved!