ITS Modular Morale System

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Easily display your collection of patches, lapel pins, buttons, Military ribbons, cards and more with our expandable Modular Morale System that’s handmade in Texas! Whether you’re just starting to grow your collection or have been collecting for years, our unique display system can expand to hold a limitless number of items. Add as many panels as you need for your collection without worrying about unusable space. 

Our expandable display system is a 12” x 18” panel made from 3/16” foam that’s bonded to an HDPE plastic backer before being covering with UBL soft loop fabric and stitched down. Soft loop allows hook backed morale patches to adhere to the surface of the panel, while the 3/16” foam allows pins, buttons and non-hooked back patches to be pressed in as well.

The UBL soft loop fabric wraps around to the back of each panel, creating a picture framed strip of soft loop to interface with our attachment method of two included 12” strips of 2” wide VELCRO® brand adhesive-backed fastener. You can choose to permanently mount these hook strips by removing the plastic backer, or leave the backer intact and staple them to a wall for a non-permanent attachment.

By placing a hook strip offset on the edge of a panel, it can interface with another panel to grow your Modular Morale System as big as your imagination allows. Hang them vertically or horizontally, there’s no right or wrong way to use them!

Be forewarned that the adhesive backing on each hook strip is extremely aggressive for mounting to a wide variety of surfaces and can damage home interior walls if they ever need to be removed. If you’re worried about that, an option is to leave the plastic backer on and just staple them to the wall. That being said, the aggressive nature of the strips also means that they’ll stick to wood, brick, metal and just about anything you can think of.

For a less aggressive mounting option, check out these 3M Command Strips on Amazon.

With the unique way our system expands, there’s no lost area to stick your hook backed patches to, or pin on your embroidered sew-on patches. Each panel butts right up against the next and the UBL soft loop fabric wraps over the edge to make a seamless display. Stick your patches right on the edges!

No longer will you have to anticipate how big your collection will grow to before you purchase a panel, or add panels that might not look consistent with your collection. You’ll also never have to worry about the traditional patch panel construction methods of sewing binding tape to the edges of loop fabric that you can’t stick anything to, or panels that don’t provide the rigidity you need.

Pick up an ITS Modular Morale System today and give your collection the display it deserves!


Each MMS is sold separately and Includes (1) 12” x 18” panel and (2) 12” VELCRO® brand adhesive-backed fasteners. Expand your collection by adding additional panels easily.

The ITS Modular Morale System is made in Texas!