ITS Hypalon Concealment Wallet

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The ITS Hypalon Concealment Wallet represents an innovation in wallet design that we're excited to release on the market. Hypalon is a synthetic rubber that's resistant to chemicals, ultraviolet light and extreme temperatures, which makes the material perfect for a wallet. Hypalon's "tackiness" helps prevent the wallet from falling out of your pocket, yet is easily removed. The material also keeps your individual credit cards from sliding out, which can often happen in leather card slots. These wallets can withstand loads of abuse without appearing much worse for wear and are made entirely in the USA from 100% US made materials.

While the main feature of the wallet could arguably be its resilience and durability, we've added a special feature that includes two discreetly hidden compartments for physical security tools. Located on concealed fold-out flaps that blend in with the seam lines from the front wallet interior, each pocket is bisected by stitch lines which form the individual compartments for your tools. Now instead of carrying your security tools separately, you can keep these essential items together, discreetly hidden and available at a moments notice.

The contents of the optional Wallet Entry Kit are listed below and are our selection of the most versatile and critical tools you need at your disposal to gain entry to common pin and tumbler locks, padlocks, multi-wheel combination locks and additionally to escape from multiple methods criminals use for illegal restraint, such as commercially available handcuffs, zip ties, duct tape and rope. The two small vinyl pockets in the fold-out flaps are designed to hold the ceramic razor blade from the optional entry kit on one side and a microSD card on the other, which is not included.

We've also designed another optional security device called the ITS RFID Wallet Sleeve, which is a radio frequency and electromagnetic interference device that disrupts the operation of any electronic device contained inside. It's perfectly sized to fit in the same compartment as your bills and hold a few of your credit cards or ID cards that utilize RFID (radio frequency identification) to transfer data. Newer issued US Passport cards also feature these RFID tags.

RFID technology is essentially a microchip fitted with an antenna. By utilizing an RFID reader, a signal can be radioed to an RFID tag, returning the data it contains. This data is typically an identification number, credit card number, etc. As you can imagine, the signal can easily be skimmed by an RFID reader for nefarious purposes. Add on an RFID Wallet Sleeve and keep your critical cards secure.

Wallet Features

  • Bi-Fold Design Holds 4 to 12+ cards
  • Rear Currency Pocket
  • Available in Black, Coyote Brown and Foliage
  • Chemical Resistant
  • UV / Weather Resistant
  • Abrasion Resistant
  • Empty Weight: 2.5 oz.
  • 100% US Made Hypalon Material
  • Made in the USA
  • **Please Note: Some materials, such as a new pair of blue jeans, may slightly discolor the lighter-colored ITS Hypalon Concealment Wallets.**

Optional Wallet Entry Kit Includes:

  • (1) Diamond Wire Blade
  • (1) Split-Pawl Handcuff Shim
  • (1) Quick Stick
  • (1) EZ Decoder
  • (1) Ceramic Razor Blade
  • (6) Feet of 188 lb. Test Cordage Made with Kevlar®
  • (6) Feet of Stainless-Steel Coated Leader Wire
  • (1) Flat Ti Bogota® Entry Single Rake
  • (1) Flat Ti Bogota® Entry Triple Rake
  • All items Made in the USA

Optional RFID Sleeve Specs

  • 3.75” x 2.75” RFID Blocking Card Sleeve
  • Single Layer of Conductive Silver/Copper/Nickel RoHS Compliant Material
  • Shielding Effectiveness of -70dB in the range of 30 MHz to 18 GHz
  • Interior Conductive Hook and Loop Closure
  • 99.99% Average Signal Attenuation Achieved
  • Lightweight and Flexible
  • Made in the USA

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