ITS Horween Leather Wallet

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Do you want to buy your next wallet or your last wallet?

Our new ITS Horween Leather Wallet is classic, timeless and built to outlast you. For this project, we wanted to make a perfect leather wallet the old fashioned way, with no high tech or fast-paced manufacturing.

Working closely with a small U.S. based leather maker, we developed the ITS Horween Leather Wallet with some of the best leather available, Horween Chromexcel®. This beautiful Equine Leather features tonal character in each piece, which develops a patina of its own that only gets better over time. All Chromexcel Leather is made by the Horween Leather Company at their facilities in Chicago. The process for Chromexcel® takes 28 working days to complete and involves 89 separate processes.

These classic bi-fold wallets are available in both a deep Black and Rustic Natural finish. Complimenting the beautiful leather on the front of each wallet is a subtle, stamped ITS Logo in the lower right corner. Holding up to ten cards in the four available pockets on the interior, the ITS Horween Leather Wallet also features a large rear section to accommodate almost any currency.

Additionally, UV-resistant ballistic nylon thread is used to bind together each ITS Horween Leather Wallet, ensuring that the stitching remains tight and strong throughout the years.

Character Disclaimer: Horween Chromexcel® is some of the finest leather available for goods. Each tanned hide features one-of-a-kind characteristics and coloration, making every ITS Horween Leather Wallet unique and individual. Due to the nature of leather making, some pieces may feature striations, scarring or other unique marks from the animal itself. These marks do not indicate any damage and will wear in normally like the rest of the leather, adding to the overall character.

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  • 100% Handmade in the USA
  • Open Dimensions: 9" long and 3.5" tall
  • Closed Dimensions: 4 5/8" long and 3.5" tall
  • Smells: Amazing!