ITS Expiration Refresh Pack

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We’ve had several requests over the years to provide a solution for the expiring items in our ITS Boo Boo Kit and ITS Boo Boo Kit Plus. To offer a cost effective replacement for your expiring components, we’ve created the ITS Expiration Refresh Pack.

The ITS Expiration Refresh Pack includes duplicates of each item, matching the quantity originally contained in our kits.


  • (2) 3M Steri-Strips
  • (2) Triple Antibiotic
  • (2) Sting Relief Pad
  • (2) Burn Jel
  • (2 pkgs. of 2 ea.) Electrolyte (Rehydration)
  • (2 pkgs. of 2 ea.) Ibuprofen (Inflammation, Soreness)
  • (2 pkgs. of 2 ea.) Non-Aspirin (Fevers)
  • (2 pkgs. of 1 ea.) Antihistamine (Allergic Reactions)
  • (2 pkgs. of 1 ea.) Anti-Diarrheal (Dehydration Prevention)
  • (2 pkgs. of 2 ea.) Aspirin (Heart Attack)