Expedition Watch Band Compass Kit

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In partnership with our friends at Prometheus Design Werx, we’re proud to introduce the ITS-exclusive black variant of the Expedition Watch Band Compass Kit. This modular EDC and field compass is as much at home on the land as it is underwater. 

The oil-filled button compass is water-resistant rated to a depth of 100 meters and features a black face with high luminosity glow-in-the-dark markings. It’s also cushioned in its black type III hard-anodized 6061T6 billet aluminum bezel casing by a glow-in-the-dark silicone gasket.

Each compass case is precision machined in the USA and features a slot on the back that’s laser engraved with the ITS shield and slides onto most NATO-style watch straps up to 22mm.

While this magnetic compass’ primary function is to be worn on a NATO-style watch strap, the included orange silicone carrier easily houses the entire compass, allowing it to girth hitch onto a backpack sternum strap, belt loops and more!

*Due to the collaborative nature of this product and pricing structure, discounts are not available on the Expedition Watch Band Compass Kit.*

Includes: Button Compass, Silicone Compass Gasket, Billet Compass Case and Silicone Compass Carrier.

Button Compass Specs

  • 20mm x 8mm 
  • Oil Filled
  • 100m Water Resistance
  • Black Face w/ High Luminosity Glow-in-the-Dark Markings
  • Glow-in-the-Dark Silicone Gasket
  • User Replaceable

Compass Case Specs

  • 6061T6 Billet Aluminum 
  • Measures 1.063” x .455”
  • Slot Fits Up To Most 22mm NATO-Style Watch Band
  • Black Type III Hard Anodized Finish
  • ITS Shield Logo Laser Marking
  • Billet Case Machined in USA

Compass Carrier Specs

  • Orange Silicone w/ UV Inhibitors
  • Body Measures 4.75” Long x 1.170” Wide x .550” Tall
  • Loop for Girth Hitching onto Straps, etc.

“…there’s still something substantial to be respected, acknowledged and said for analog and mechanical devices. The invention and introduction of the magnetic compass transformed the known world. Unreliant on batteries or circuit boards, a magnetic compass is the directional navigation tool in its most distilled and purest form. Our design process to create this modern classic drew inspiration from similar units as used and worn by UDTs, Combat Swimmers, Explorers and Adventurers from a different era. No less relevant today as it was yesterday, a compass that only needs the earth’s magnetic field to operate is a tried and trued navigational device for anyone who spends time in the field.”