Ultimate Lock Sport Bundle

    • Ultimate Kit for Learning and Practicing Lock Picking / Bypass
    • (1) 3-Piece Traditional Lock Pick Set w/ Rubber Handles
    • (1) ITS Modular Practice Lock (Standard & Security Pins)
    • (1) Easy Pickings Training Manual (Physical Booklet)
    • (1) Universal Lock Pick Practice Station
    • (1) 3-Piece Comb Pick Set
    • (1) Padlock Bypass Tool
    • (1) Combo Lock Bypass Tool
    • (1) Credit Card Sized Door Shove Tool w/ ITS Logo Vinyl Sleeve
    • (1) 3-Piece Auto Jiggler Set
    • (1) ITS Lock Pinning Mat (Black/Grey)
    • (1) Reverse-Grip Pinning Tweezer
    • (1) TACKL Box
    • (1) ITS Lock Sport Logo Sticker
  • Lock sport (the hobby of lock picking and bypass), is a fantastic skill to not only pass the time, but to also learn how vulnerable locks can be. For the Ultimate Lock Sport Bundle, we’ve hand-selected a wide range of tools for those either looking to get into the hobby of picking, or for seasoned pros wanting to add versatility to their toolbox.

    This 31-piece kit contains everything needed to pick a pin and tumbler lock, as well as additional tools for bypassing padlocks, combination locks and many auto locks. It also includes the ITS Lock Pinning Mat and a set of Reverse-Grip Pinning Tweezers, for easily scaling the difficulty of your locks. Lastly, the included TACKL Box keeps your kit organized and provides ample storage for additional items you may want to add.

    The Ultimate Lock Sport Bundle is a tremendous value that combines proven tools, educational material and practice components to help you hone your lock picking skills!