ITS Reverse-Grip Pinning Tweezers

    • Reverse-Grip Allows for Precise Movement
    • Assists in Re-Pinning / Disassembling Locks
    • Made from Stainless Steel
    • Measures 4.5” Long x .375” Wide
    • Weighs: .5 oz.
  • The ITS Reverse-Grip Pinning Tweezers are the perfect tool for disassembling and re-pinning locks. Rather than the standard method of operating tweezers, squeezing the sides of these tweezers actually opens the tips. This allows for a firm grip on the item being held and a near-hands-free operation, negating the need to “hold tension” with finger pressure.

    Any object being held is essentially locked in, until tension is applied to the sides to release it. The benefit is reduced strain on your hands as you manipulate the small parts of a lock. The pinning tweezers are also perfect complement to fit into the Upright Cylinder Channel of the ITS Lock Pinning Mat!