• Pocket-Sized Escape & Evasion Kit
    • Overt Design Blends in Perfectly with EDC Contents
    • Hook Pick
    • S-Rake Pick
    • Tension Wrench
    • Padlock Bypass Tool
    • ITS Logo Polymer Handcuff Key
    • Mini GITD Compass
    • Diamond Rod
    • Ferro Rod
    • Tinder-Quik Fire Tab
    • Includes branded SPIE® Stick Lip Balm Tube w/ Heat-Shrink Wrapper
    • Each Tube Pre-Loaded with 9 Tools
    • Measures: 2.625” Long x .625” Wide
    • Weighs: .6 oz.
  • The SPIE® Stick is the smallest Escape & Evasion Kit available, yet still cost-effective and full-featured. It includes 9 tools that enable you to pick and bypass locks, defeat illegal restraint, start a fire and even navigate your way home.

    While we carry other small entry tools that can be stored covertly, the SPIE® Stick is purpose-built to be carried overtly in a pocket and hide in plain sight, just as the most popular lip-balm tube would. For a more sterile storage option, check out the new SST (Sterile Storage Tube).

    SPIE® (Special Purpose Insertion Extraction) is our registered trademark for our line of tradecraft tools and accessories that we have available in the ITS Store.

    Check out the video tab above for more information!