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Padlock Bypass Tool

Padlock Bypass Tool

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We’re now offering a bundle of the Combo Lock Bypass Tools and Padlock Bypass Tools for only $14.99! Each 4-Pack bundle includes 2 Combo Lock Bypass Tools, 2 Padlock Bypass Tools and 1 Vinyl Storage Sleeve.

The Padlock Bypass Tool is designed to quickly open many heel and toe locking dogs on padlocks, as well as keyways on most file cabinet locks and tool chests.

By simply bypassing the pins on a keyway altogether, these tools can release the locking dog faster than standard picking often can.


  • Bypasses Locking Mechanism on Many Heel and Toe Padlocks
  • Made from Stainless Steel
  • Available in a 2-Pack or Bundle with Combo Lock Bypass Tools
  • Includes ITS Logo Vinyl Sleeve

More Details

Padlock Bypass Tools come in a two-pack and include an ITS Logo Vinyl Sleeve for storage. A 4-Pack, including two each of the Combo Lock and Padlock Bypass Tools is also available.

Please Note: The Padlock shown in the photos is not included with the Bypass tool, but a Practice Padlock is available as an add-on above.

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