Ultimate Survival Paracord Laces

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    • Turn Your Footwear Into a Survival Kit
    • 4 Standard Nylon Strands (50 lb. Test Strength Each)
    • 1 Waxed Jute Strand
    • 1 Aramid Strand (110 lb. Test Strength)
    • 1 UHMWPE Dyna X Strand (160 lb. Test Strength)
    • 1 Fishing Line (10 lb. Test Strength)
    • Heat-Sealed Aglets
    • 450 lb. Test Strength
    • 4mm Diameter
    • Weighs: 1 ounces
    • Available in 54”, 64” and 72” Lengths
    • Available in Black
  • Upgrade your laces to Ultimate Survival Paracord Laces and be prepared for illegal restraint or survival scenarios! These durable laces are made with 450 lb. test strength Ultimate Survival Paracord, featuring 4 standard Nylon Strands to decrease the diameter, along with single lines of Waxed Jute Cord, Aramid Cord, Dyna X Cord and Fishing Line. The outer sheath also works quickly as a friction saw to melt through things like zip ties in an illegal restraint escape, with the internal Aramid cord providing a failsafe in case of breakage.

    Waxed Jute works in a pinch as a fire starting solution, burning long enough to get an emergency fire going. Once that fire is going, the 900°F Heat-Resistant Aramid Cord allows you to roast game, or alternatively work as a friction saw to escape an illegal restraint situation. The UHMWPE (Ultra-High-Molecular-Weight Polyethylene) Dyna X Cord is a low-stretch line that works perfectly as dental floss or for snares or sutures. Lastly the 10 lb. Fishing Line gives you a built in line for baiting fish during a camping trip or survival situation.