ITS Pocket Fire Starting Kit

    • Pocket-Sized Solution for Fire Starting
    • Works in Wet Conditions Using Dry Tinder-Quick Tabs
    • Doesn’t Require Liquid Fuels
    • Includes (1) Micro Folding Ceramic Razor/Survival Saw (Back Edge of Razor Used to Strike Ferro Rod)
    • Includes (1) Micro Ferroceium Rod with Rubber Grip Handle
    • Includes (2) Tinder-Quik Fire Starting Tabs
    • Includes (1) ITS Logo Zipper Pull (Black)
  • Fire is essential in a survival scenario and the ITS Pocket Fire Starting Kit is our compact solution to having the tools on-hand to start a fire in virtually any condition.

    Each ITS Pocket Fire Starting Kit includes a Micro Folding Ceramic Razor/Survival Saw, with an ITS Logo Zipper Pull for increased grip and retrievability. The fine-toothed Survival Saw is perfect for cutting through small pieces of wood and preparing tinder/kindling. Additionally, the Ceramic Razor works well for feathering sticks and increasing their surface area.

    The kit also includes a Micro Ferroceium Rod with a durable Rubber Grip Handle. The Ferro Rod seems to last indefinitely and throws a large spark.

    Instructions for Use

    For best results, strike the Ferro Rod using the back edge of the Ceramic Razor in the folded position. (It helps to open the saw blade, getting it out of the way to let the back edge of the Ceramic Razor do its job). Direct the spark into a fluffed up Tinder-Quik Fire Tab for a lit tinder, ready to add kindling to.