Pocket BVM (Bag Valve Mask)

    • Most Compact Self-Inflating Bag Valve Mask on the Market
    • 75% Size and Weight Reduction Over Traditional BVMs
    • Delivers Up to 600cc of Air
    • Small Size Allows Unconventional Storage
    • High-Flow O2 Compatible (Tubing Not Included)
    • Contoured Medical-Grade Silicone
    • Adult Size Mask (4)
    • Measures 2.5" Tall x 5.5" Wide
    • Weighs 16 oz.
  • The Pocket BVM is the most compact self-inflating Bag Valve Mask on the market for controlled ventilation by CPR trained personnel. Made from medical-grade silicone, these 1.6L contoured adult masks provide a tight seal and can deliver up to 600cc of air.

    The hardshell case keeps the Micro BVM ready to go and can withstand up to 160 lbs. of direct force. Each mask features an oxygen inlet/reservoir and is Positive End Expiratory Pressure (PEEP) compatible.