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The SPIE® (Special Purpose Insertion Extraction) Marker is your Emergency Overt Escape & Evasion Kit. Hidden in plain sight, it offers six valuable Escape & Evasion tools, disguised as an ordinary everyday permanent marker. Whether you need it to function as an Impact Tool, escape from illegal restraint, or even pick a lock, the SPIE® Marker has you covered.

Click here to view instructions on replacing a standard marker insert with the Mk-ER.


  • Includes (1) Permanent Marker
  • Includes (1) Micro Tradecraft Toolset with Tension Wrench
  • Includes (2) Injection-Molded ABS Impact Inserts

More Details

A quick at-home conversion is all you need to prep your SPIE Marker. Simply remove the standard permanent marker tip, add the included Micro Tradecraft Toolset into the marker body (give it a quick tap on the table to seat it, so it doesn't rattle), and put in the Impact Insert.

While the Impact Tool needs no specific instructions on usage, the ideal way to access the tools in an emergency is with a quick snap of the insert and the marker body. The best part is that the Injection-Molded ABS Impact Insert is stronger than the marker body, so the body will be what breaks. Simply grab another permanent marker you have laying around, and you can set up the SPIE Marker again for use. Just in case, we've included a spare Impact Insert as well.

Please Note: The included permanent marker serves as a one-time-use container to snap open. However, you can remove the Impact Insert the same way we recommend in the included instructions for removing the standard permanent marker tip. This will allow you to access the toolset within without breaking the marker body.

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How to Pick a Lock

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Customer Reviews

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Great deal


Great deal


Picks work well and are made well. Juicer seems like it's made well however wasn't designed well enough for a sharpie cap to close over it. Not great for trying to be inconspicuous.

Mikey S.

It had a couple little downfalls. Once you take the encourage out and place the impact device in the marker, the cabin no longer closes correctly. It has to stay open about an extra eighth of an inch or so. I was also a little disappointed to find out that the impact devices were made out of plastic, and not Steel or aluminum. Overall, though I would still totally recommend this. You can never have enough hidden lock pickets, in the sharpie is a good one to just throw in your day bag as adjust in case.

Paul M.

I love this idea! Tip fits on any marker body and is a solid piece to use for striking. Only problem I had was using the rakes and picks, they’re a great size and idea inside the marker body. But a little tough to use just due to their size but way better to use than having nothing!! Thanks ITS I love it!

Sean S.

I like what I see! However I do want to point out that the cap does not close all the way once I install the insert, as depicted in the picture below. I don't know if that is intentional or something that should be addressed. Overall, I like what I see!