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Now available in four different configurations, these hand-crafted tools have been used by many locksmiths and covert entry specialists. Due to the highly polished finish, these tools glide through the lock but are NOT for the heavy handed user.

The handle end of each piece doubles as a tension wrench, so you only need to carry these two tools to be prepared to open nearly any pin-tumbler or wafer lock you encounter.

Bogota® Entry Toolset (Stainless Steel) – provides a corrosion-resistant option to counter sweat and those in a maritime environment. Not to mention the hygienic properties, long term durability and inherent strength of Stainless Steel.

Bogota® Entry Toolset (Titanium) – Manufactured with aircraft-grade Titanium, which features an inherent lack of a magnetic signature. While you’re not going to feel the difference between a tenth of an ounce in a pocket, here are those that need non-magnetic tools, specifically EOD and those that know who they are.

Bogota® Entry Toolset (Flat Ti) – Featuring the same properties and relative form factor as the standard Titanium set, the flats have been “flattened” instead of “twisted” so that they’ll lie flat to be taped to the back of a credit card or anyway you can figure out to carry them.

Bogota® Entry Toolset (Mini Ti) – Retaining the same properties as the standard Titanium set, just with a smaller form factor, the Mini Ti set is shorter to fit in just where you need them to.

While the aircraft-grade Titanium used in the Bogota® Entry Toolsets is as strong as it gets and extremely corrosion resistant (more so than the Stainless), they’ll still bend just like the other versions if man handled.

Made in the USA!

For further detailed information, please view the following video and article:

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