Why We Truly Care that You're Prepared

Why We Truly Care that You're Prepared

April 1st will mark 11 years that ITS has been in business, providing articles and products to help you and your family be as prepared as possible in all aspects of your life.
I’m not trying to toot my own horn here, what I’m doing is making sure that you know when I mention the word pandemic, that you’re not hearing from a company that’s just jumping on the preparedness bandwagon. We helped create the preparedness industry that you know today.
Whether you’ve been following ITS from our early days, or just discovered us yesterday, I want you to know that the reason I started this company and put the first words on a blog post in 2009, was that I saw a need and that I cared. Trust me, it wasn’t the money (I didn’t take a paycheck for close to three years in business.)
No one was addressing what I felt was a huge gap in preparedness; having the skills to know what to do in any given situation that life throws at you and knowing what tools to surround yourself with to prevail. That word prevail has been synonymous with ITS since it was printed on our first run of t-shirts that I was barely able to pay for up front. I wouldn’t allow myself to take anyone’s money with a pre-order, because from day one I never wanted to be a company that took money from a customer for something I didn’t have on hand to sell them.

To this day, you’ll see the message above every product on our store, “No backorders! Ships next business day!” I’ve always made it a policy to treat customers like I’d want to be treated and I detest being able to buy something online, only to find out later that it would be weeks before it shipped out, but I digress.

Current SITREP

Worldwide we’re facing a pandemic and we’re feeling it here at ITS HQ in Texas. Our medical kits and preparedness items are flying out the door faster than we can resupply them. Many of our vendors and manufacturers have told us that they can’t provide a firm date on when we’ll be able to restock. Each time we scrape together enough supplies to put our ITS First Aid Kits™ back in stock, they’re gone before the day is out.

What we carry in our store isn’t like other e-commerce stores. We don’t just carry something for the sake of carrying it, our products have been tested, evaluated and are items we’d stake our future on and that of our families. You can trust that what you purchase in the ITS Store is the best product we've found, or the one we've made ourselves because we couldn't find it. 

I say all this to show you how much you matter to us as a customer and how much we care that you’re prepared. To further illustrate this fact, we’re going to take away any potential sticking points that could be preventing you from buying the products you need that can help you and your family prepare.

From today until we feel that we can more consistently keep products in stock, we’re providing free domestic shipping on every order.

You also have my word that you won’t see any price gouging in our store. We’re not going to raise prices just because something is moving fast. In fact, we’re going to keep our current promotion going for ITS First Aid Kits™ that provides a free Medical Edition Nylon Zip Bag when you add it to your cart along with the kit. These have been our fastest moving product in the last few weeks and one that we know you're depending on.
We’re working hard every day to make sure the essential equipment you need during this pandemic is in stock and ready to ship. Remember that if you can’t add it to your cart, we don’t have it and we won’t take your money with a backorder. We do however offer a back-in-stock notification you can sign up for on any out-of-stock product, to be notified via email immediately when we get it back in stock. Trust me, it’s fast!
Our logistics and shipping speed are second to none, as is our customer service and promise to you to provide our very best each and every day. We also have 11 years of articles, videos and podcasts that we provide for free on our website. You can read them ad-free thanks to our supporting members that help ensure they're always available.

I’m thankful that you’ve taken the time to read this and appreciate any and all support you’ve given ITS over the years. It’s unfortunate that we’re now seeing the thing we’ve all been preparing for, manifest itself into a global pandemic. The jury is still out on just how devastating this will wind up being, but I know you’re going to be one of the prepared ones, just like we are.

~ Bryan Black
Founder & CEO, ITS Tactical

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