Which Lock Pick Set is Right for You?

Which Lock Pick Set is Right for You?

Lock picking is an engaging hobby that also offers a unique peek behind the curtain of security. Movies might have you thinking that a couple seconds of poking picks into a door lock will have it open in a jiffy, however the reality is that this skill takes practice and finesse. It can be difficult to know where to start with lock picks, so below we’ve gathered some information on all the tools we offer so you can pick the one that’s best for you!

Best Lock Pick Set for Beginners

Lock Picking Starter Pack

When you’re first starting out with lock picking, you need simple picks and a lock that you can practice with. It’s important not to use active locks around your house, as picking them incorrectly could result in damage.

Luckily though, we’ve taken the guesswork out of getting started in picking with our Lock Picking Starter Pack. This pack includes all the tools and training information to get you started picking pin and tumbler locks.

It even includes the ITS Modular Practice Lock, which provides scalable difficulty and security pins for when you want largest challenge. Pair the Starter Pack with the Universal Lock Pick Practice Station for the ultimate training setup.

Best Lock Pick Set for Every Day Carry

Bogota Pi Entry Toolset

Lock picks for every day carry need to be small enough to fit into pockets and wallets, but still durable enough to work when you need them. For EDC, we always recommend the 6-piece Ti Entry Toolset!

Manufactured with aircraft-grade titanium, these lock picks have been flattened so they’ll lie flat when taped to a credit card or stored inside a wallet using the durable vinyl sleeve.

If six pieces is a bit much for your EDC, consider the 2-Piece Titanium Concealment Toolset. Featuring the same flattened profile, these picks conceal well when taped to a credit card, or store perfectly in our SPIE® Pouch!

Additional Tools to Consider

Bypass Tools

Whether you’re just starting out or have picked your way to becoming an expert, there are some other valuable training tools and materials you might consider. Practice locks help you learn the inner workings without having to risk damaging your actual locks. Our ITS Modular Practice Lock provides an awesome view of the internals of a pin and tumbler lock, while also allowing you to scale the difficulty to your level.

Additionally, the Practice Combo Lock allows you to practice on a multi-wheeled combination lock. For this lock, you’ll need a set of Combo Lock Bypass Tools, which will help you learn to bypass the lock’s internal mechanism and open it right up.

Along the same lines, pairing the Padlock Bypass Tools with the Practice Padlock illustrates just how easy it can be to bypass some of the cheaper locks on the market.

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